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Marketing & Research / Websites / Blogs & Social / Graphic Work

Marketing Strategy & Research Projects

This presentation is an analysis of 2020 trends in Consumer Packaged Goods as presented by NEXT and my take on how they could be applied to marketing & ad agencies.


Copy: "Eat Dessert First"

"Growing up in Memphis, it wasn't Sunday without a scoop of ice cream in the evening. At Kaye's Pints & Scoops, we want to share that tradition with everyone who tastes our sweet indulgent ice cream."


Check out a manifesto writing sample that I did on one of my favorite products!


My university group partnered with a local business in our area to build them a marketing plan and grow their customer base.


In this presentation I outline packaging claims of peanut butter alternative brands and identify some top selling features.


I created this strategy for growth, engagement, and a higher market share for a company in the desserts category. All company names, slogans, etc. have been changed for privacy.

Wall of ideas

Websites I've Created

The Cannery - Green Bay Incubator Site

Click the image to view


Blogs & Social Media Posts

I wrote the blogs on this site with special food industry specific strategies from Proof's coaches.


The Cannery - Green Bay Incubator Site

I'm a paragrh. Click here to add your own text a.


Sample of a high engagement TikTok video I created

(click the photo to view)

35.2k views, 1000+ likes, 101 saves


Graphic Work

Business Logos


Greenleaf Homes

Jons Acrofest3.png

GCA Acroflyers


Graphic Art

Just for Fun

Graphic Art

Midas Touch.png

Client Photoshoot Moodboard


Creative Graphic

BB Logo.png

Baws Boys Football


Graphic Art

White Grey Minimalist Modern Fashion Lookbook Booklet (1).png

Fashion Influencer Event Lookbook

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